GMP 450 Pro  Headphones

GMP 450 Pro Headphones

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Like its counterpart, the GMP 400, the GMP 450 Pro represents top-of-the line headphone technology. But following specific needs of professional users in special environments, all  the characteristics of the GMP 400 have been packed into an acoustically closed version. Thus this version is ideally suited for a variety of studio applications and production sessions, where outside noise shielding is required.

(Also available in white color "GMP 450 Pro-W-SIL")


Acoustical Principle

Transducer Impedance

Frequency Response

Nominal Impedance

THD Harmonic Distortion

Sound Pressure Level

Load Rating

Contact Pressure

Weight w/o Cable







14 - 24.200 Hz 

300 Ω

0,06% (1 mW/1 kHz)

100 dB (1 mW/1 kHz)

100 mW

~3 N

240 g

straight Jack 3,5 / 6,3mm

gold plated

straight 3m


Dynamic Stereo Headphone with CS*, closed, comf.
leather earpads and velvet headband, PUR cable with
helix cablesection; 3m; Jack (Male) 3,5mm/6,35mm