German Maestro GMP 400 Headphones

German Maestro GMP 400 Headphones

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The GMP 400 represents the top range in headphone technology: Uncompromising sound reproduction with crystal clear trebles, rich details in the mid-range and precise dynamic response in the bass reproduction. The technical features are also very impressive: Sandwich-diaphragm, copper plated aluminum voice coils, ear cups with cardamatic suspension, ear pads made of a top-quality soft velvet and a gold plated Multi-Jack-plug. Man recording engeneers´favourite headphone!


Acoustical Principle

Transducer Impedance

Frequency Response

Nominal Impedance

THD Harmonic Distortion

Sound Pressure Level

Load Rating

Contact Pressure

Weight w/o Cable







14 - 24.100 Hz 

300 Ω

0,07% (1 mW/1 kHz)

98 dB (1 mW/1 kHz)

100 mW

~3 N

240 g

straight Jack 3,5 / 6,3mm

gold plated

straight 3m


Dynamic Stereo Headphone with CS*, open, fluffy
velvet earpads and headband, PUR cable with helix
cablesection; 3m; Jack (Male) 3,5mm/6,35mm