German Maestro 3CAN116H mobile Headset

German Maestro 3CAN116H mobile Headset

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The developmental target for the 3-SERIES headphones was to create a product, which complies with the requirements of a High-End product, and at the same time amazes the listener with an impressive powerful sound reproduction. These headphones are engineered and optimized for mobile use.


Acoustical Principle

Transducer Impedance

Frequency Response

Nominal Impedance

THD Harmonic Distortion

Sound Pressure Level

Load Rating

Contact Pressure

Weight w/o Cable







6 - 26.000 Hz (-10dB)

16 Ω

0,06% (1mW)

97 dB (1mW)

100 mW

~5 N

133 g

straight Jack 3,5mm gold plated


straight 1,1m 

with Condencer microphone