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German Maestro Headphones Are Made For Professionals & Enthusiasts 


Headphones for studio recording and musicians that love music

GermanMAESTRO is a German-made brand with a long tradition in building high quatiy headphones and headsets for professional users and people who are dedicated to music.

To hear is to distinguish. The human ear receives acoustic vibrations and translates every whisper, thunderclap and minute detail into the listening experience. When our audiory senses are stimulated by an acoustic source that satisfies the spirit, a feeling of true listening pleasure is achieved. We at GermanMAESTRO take plenty of time for each product in order to tune it for a perfect listening experience in every detail. Many of the single attributes, which make a driver become a high quality one, you can just measure. However, if they are summarized, you can hear them - as an impression of an overall perfect listening experience.


All our products we are manufacturing with the continuous aim to keep a very high build quality, product reliability and first of all sound performance.


The whole GMP headphone range is engineered and manufactured in Germany, with a focus on sound quality, reliability, wearing comfort and durability. For this reason, we only use high quality materials for our component parts and produce most of them in our own factory.



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